11kW On-Board Charger

The CHR-S11 is an 11kW smart On-Board charger for the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) and Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV).

We have developed a module that charges 400 V batteries. If charging stations are used, the plug has been designed so that the charging process starts with the help of direct current from the fast-charging station and is controlled and managed by a special protection system.

Technical Features


Intelligent detection and switching concept for Single and Three phase AC supply

Multiple control loops that control charging, lines, and internal switching (SiC MOSFET)

CAN 2.0B communication with the BMS (Battery Management System) to check if the power is on and when to stop charging.

Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) technology to achieve the power factor over 99% at full load and over 98% at 50% of the load.

Technical Specification

Product dimensions 550x420x100 mm
AC input voltage range 185-256 Vrms
AC supply frequency 45-65 Hz
AC input max. current 18 Arms / Phase
Power factor >98%
DC output voltage 400V
Output current 27.5A
Output voltage and current accuracy +-1%
Output voltage and current ripple < 5%
Max. efficiency >94%
Input over voltage protection 270Vrms
Input under voltage protection 180Vrms
Input over current protection 20 Arms / Phase
Operational temperature -30 to 85 °C

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