The Optimum Resource Utilization Vision for Manufacturing


Intelligent MES Solutions for Production Process Automation and Optimization

Enhance your manufacturing processes with our cloud MES and ERP solutions. We specialize in crafting advanced production software solutions tailored for the manufacturing industry. The SetuMES, our flagship Manufacturing Execution System and ERP solution designed exclusively for manufacturing-oriented SMEs.


State-of-the-art IIoT-edge and Sensor Solutions

At Parsetu, we go beyond MES and ERP. We develop smart IoT-edge solutions using our S-Cloud Edge Gateway combined with sensors. Our cutting-edge software algorithms empower industry leaders to harness intelligence at the operational edge.

We know your Challenges!

Productivity Loss

Our solution:

Increase up to 15% productivity with automation and integrated MES and ERP

Quality Assurance

Our solution:

Reduce scrap with the SetuMES Quality module

Real-time Insights

Our solution:

React on bottlenecks quickly for Timely delivery of orders


Our solution:

Improve OEE with production KPI analysis

Rising Energy Costs and ESG Regulations

Our solution:

Reduce up to 25% of energy consumption with Energy monitoring and management

Unplanned Breakdowns

Our solution:

SetuMES predictive maintenance increases your resource availability by up to 20%

Skilled Worker Shortage

Our solution:

SetuMES address skilled worker shortage problem with software automation and easy maintenance

How Parsetu Streamlines Your Production

Week 1

Workshop – Your current process analysis and requirement gathering

Month 2

Add resources in MES and Configure process to record required data (If required existing ERP system is connected to get organization data)

Month 4-6

ROI: Analysis of production data for continuous process improvement

Month 6

At this phase, it will be mainly support and further adaptation if needed

Why Parsetu?

Parsetu, your premier choice for manufacturing industry solutions. Backed by a team with over 20 years of cumulative experience, Parsetu offers a flexible system tailored specifically for the complexities of the production industry. Our highly scalable cloud solution is designed to meet the growing needs of the manufacturing sector, ensuring seamless adaptability and unparalleled performance. With Parsetu, you can trust that you’re investing in a solution built on expertise, flexibility, and scalability, empowering your business to thrive in an ever-evolving industrial landscape. Choose Parsetu and elevate your manufacturing operations to new heights.

Great Team

Parsetu’s team has more than 20+ years of cumulative experience in the manufacturing industry

Customizable Solution

SetuMES is designed for a discrete manufacturing process. Our configurable workflows and production process deliver complete flexibility. Further more our sysem is designed to leverage integration of different tools.

Highly scalable cloud solutions

To serve growing industry needs

Industry Expertise

Mechanical and engineering

SetuMES + IIoT: High-flexibility & cost-effective solution for complex products in small batches & custom equipment. On-time delivery, budget adherence.

Electrical and electrnoics

SetuMES is tailor-made MES for electronics industry, embracing globalization & digitization. Speeds up processes & adapts to EMC industry needs.

Automotive OEM

SetuMES is Ideal MES+ERP for automotive OEMs. Ensures delivery readiness, reliability, flexibility, and cost efficiency. Stay competitive in the market with right degitalization solution.

Technical services

SetuMES empowers tech service providers to enhance customer competitiveness across industries. Valuable resource for short-term bottlenecks and long-term projects. Agile response to customer needs, efficient project management & resource planning.

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